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Memoir Writing

For anyone who is considering writing a memoir, click here for 100 Chapter Topics 

Click here to read My Mother Lied to Me by Suzanne Schuster

Click here to read The Case of the Crooked Coroner by Suzanne Schuster

Click here to read The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington by Carolou Marquet

Sharon Garden, Jane Walker, Alba Foreman and Suzanne Schuster discuss their memoirs at the home of Alba Foreman on February 21st, 2020

Group II meeting at the home of Fran Abrams on January 18th

Memoir Writing group II, Left to right: Barbara Tiffany, Cynde Mutryn, Fran Abrams, Abra Dennis, Alba Foreman

front row: Judy McLeod, Rita Wessan, back row : Alba Foreman, Kathleen Morrison Mlotok

Connie Castell, Sandy Chase, Diane Mason, Carolou Marquet

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