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Games Group

Click on the links below to read the rules for the games that have been taught:                                             

Elevens -  https://gamerules.com/rules/elevens/

Bunco - https://www.dicegamedepot.com/content/printable-bunco-rules-dicegamedepot.pdf

Spite and Malice - Spite and Malice card game rules.pdf

Sevens - SEVENS card game rules.pdf

Mexican Train Rules - Mexican Train Rules.pdf

Hanaibai Rules - Hanabi Instructions.pdf

Farkle Rules - Farkle rules.pdf

Golf Card Game - Golf Card Game rules.pdf, Golf Score Sheet - Golf Game Score Sheet.pdf

Kings in the Corner - Kings in the Corner rules.pdf

Oh Hell - Oh Hell.pdf

Hearts - Hearts Rules.pdf


Rummikub - Rummikub Rules.pdf

Abra Dennis teaching “Brushup Bridge” to Pat King, Joni Pensack, Debbie Heller, Sherri Smith, Lynn Pisani and Bobbie Love

Alanna Stark, Maria Meredith, Marita Stepe, Jayne Kotey playing Bunco

Mary Edwards, Judy McLeod, Jeanette Burgoyne, Mary Leflar learning to play Bunco.

Stacy Gilman, Jayne Kotey, Beth Bertsch, Maria Meredith learning game of “Kings in the Corner”

Eileen Berke Bobbi Love, Judy NcLeod and Abra Dennis playing Pinochle

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