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Play Reading

Schedule 2019 - 2020

Nov 6th hosted by Rita Patton - Play: "Decision Height"

Dec 4th hosted by Maureen Neerland -  Play:  “The Play That Goes Wrong”

Jan 8th hosted by Myrna Block - Play:  “Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death “

Feb 6th hosted by Alison Sackley -  Play:  “The Importance of Being Earnest”

March 4th hosted by Ronnie Sachs - Play:  to be determined 

April 1st hosted by Diane Mason - Play:  to be determined 

May 6th hosted by Joni Pensack -  Play:  to be determined 

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11 photo(s) Updated on: 7 May 2019
  • Ellen’s motherly advice to teenage Annie about diets, boys, and “dressing rooms.”
  • Rudy is learning his catechism from his brother while Eddie’s looking for the answers. Eddie should be as knowledgeable about religion as he is about s-e-x!
  • The Pazinski daily menu of beets and cereal. Where’s Chef’s spaghetti?
  • Georgie’s Woody Woodpecker laugh earns him a Miraculous Medal from ‘Sissa.”
  • Chet and Ellen in a world of their own, dancing the polka. Isn’t love grand!
  • Georgie knows that Superman will save the day, as he flies to his toy box.
  • Annie tries to hide the Twinkie evidence.
  • Rudy knows the drill, as S'ter "convinces" him that there's only one right answer.
  • Our Narrator helps the audience visualize the setting, actions, antics, and ripped clothing.
  • Everyone is raring to go, especially Chuck, who stepped in the very last minute.
  • See description in the May 1st paragraph below

On November 6th, the group enjoyed the play, "Decision Height:

Maids of Honor was a huge success, as our play readers “performed” the trials and tribulations of relationships, love, and getting married—or not. Performed on Wednesday, April 3rd at the home of Joni Pensack.

Maureen (devoted play reader and audience member), Diane (aka Izzy), Ronnie (aka Annie), Barb (aka Pat), Sandy (aka Roger), and Joni (aka Monica) enjoying Joni's festive lunch—comparable to Monica's wedding festivities—had she married Chuck Stockwell, the embezzler.

Our Narrator Rita helps the audience understand the action, setting, and stage directions.

Mary Kay, Sandy, Ronnie, Diane, Barb, and Joni getting into the play.

Annie and Izzy planning how Monica will face her future—without Chuck—as Monica’s best friend, Pat, looks on. 

Monica sharing with Pat possible solutions, although Monica’s determine to marry Chuck—against her friend’s warnings

An angered Roger returns Monica’s diary—sealed by him—to Izzy.

Mary Kay (aka Joel) arriving to share the shocking news article with Izzy, his co-author, about Monica's fiancé.

An excited, well-fed cast—thanks to Joni—ready to perform:  (Top):  Joni (hostess), Carol (ace photographer), Sandy, and Mary Kay; (Bottom):  Diane, Barb, and Ronnie

Maureen enjoying the “performance.”  Sitting next to her is Mary Kay—most likely Joel—although she could be Harry—because at the last minute, she also volunteered to read Harry’s role.  That’s what Play Readers do:  we support one another because the show must go on.

Izzy sharing her modeling stories while discovering that she’s listed before Joel on the byline.  A stiff drink will quench her thirst for fame or calm her fears for exposing her sister’s embezzling fiancé.

Isn’t love grand!  Monica finally accepts Roger’s proposal—and ring.  Pat agrees.

March 4th, 2019

Sons, Mothers, and Others was an especially entertaining opportunity, as seasoned Play Readers invited new members to our “cast,” strengthening our bond of friendship. A special thanks to Alison, our photographer, who also stepped in last minute to share Billy’s role with Barb.

Barb (aka Billy), Joni (aka Sara), Ronnie (aka Judy), Sandy (aka Little Tommy), Maureen (aka Mary), Mary Kay (aka Narrator), and Rita (aka Tommy)

Host Rita’s spread of delectable treats convinced us that we are
Play “Eaters” as well as Play “Readers.” 

Jeffrey Kin, the Players Artistic Director, would be proud
of Sandy and Joni acting “outrageous.”

Nine-year-old Gunner, Rita’s canine greeter, listens
attentively to family quandaries.

Little Tommy’s beverage choice instead of wine.

Little Tommy’s $100 bet with his brother, Billy, that Mary
won’t ask about Judy’s religion.

Mary and Judy share Claddagh rings, helping to bridge the gap.  The hands represent friendship, the heart represents love, and the crown represents loyalty.  Even though Judy is “Jewish,” they’re both Irish.

Barb, Joni, Sandy, Maureen, and Alison (aka Receptionist and understudy for Billy); front row:  MK and Rita

Ronnie and Barb forming new friendships.

Not having to memorize lines, the cast enjoys the script.

Tommy and Mary talking about retirement, Mary convincing Tommy that their sons need to come to dinner more often.

Mary’s announcement of annoyance—bang on pots and pans.

Little Tommy teaching Billy things he didn’t learn in law school.

February 13th, 2019

A hearty welcome to Pam and Ronnie, our photographer.

The UPWC thespians read “Valentine Locket,” an episode of the 1949 radio show, The Life of Riley. As usual—at least from what we can remember from these plays—Riley has to face the music while his long-suffering wife, Peg, gets to “dance.”  In this episode, she receives a card from her husband and a beautiful gold locket—but is it really from him?  Is it really gold?

1st row:  Rita (Procter and Gamble Team, including Tallulah, the singing Prell shampoo), Mary Kay (Junior), and Pam (enthusiastic audience member) 2nd row:  Maureen (Sidney Monahan), Diane (Digger), Sandy (Riley), and Joni (Peg) Not in photo: Myrna (Gillis) and photographer Ronnie 

Peg is thrilled to receive her Valentine’s locket surprise—even if it might be green—as Myrna, Maureen, and Rita look on.  Now that Peg has “come back to Riley,” they’re ready for their second honeymoon.

Tallulah advertising Prell shampoo, even if it looks like Pantene.

Yummy snacks are for us and a hammer and flashlight for Riley to rob a bank, even if it’s Junior’s.

Scheming, Gillis shares Monahan’s Valentine’s card and package with Riley.

Digger, the mortician, armed with acronyms and shovels.  Pam is amused. 

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