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At the February 10th Needlecraft meeting, Shirley Alesczyk shows us some completed work that was made for her grandchildren Emma and twins William and Quynn.


On February 5, 2020, a Special Interest Fair held at the UPWC Luncheon and Fashion Show offered members an opportunity to view information and displays about the various group specific activities. The Needlecraft group provided a display of its members handmade work including sweaters, scarfs, pillows, decorated brick weights, Christmas stockings, and framed needlepoint canvases. Chair, Carole Reiss and member Alanna Stark were available to answer questions and enjoyed sharing the techniques and talents of the needlecraft group with other members and their guests.

Needlecraft members Alanna Stark (left) and Chair, Carole Reiss (right)

A Needlecraft meeting and lunch was held at the home of Maria Meredith on December 9th. There is always an extra energy and lively conversation at our December meetings as members share their holiday plans. A few ladies were working to complete needlework gifts for family members.

Shirley Alesczyk holding her latest completed needlework project, with Barbara Bawab [L] and Carol Kasden [R].

Needlecraft members at the December 9th meeting and luncheon. [L to R] Beth Juraska, Carole Reiss [Chair], Alanna Stark, Liz Hisey, Bev Hunt, Barbara Bawab, Linda Wall, Kathryn Lawrence, Mary Kay Urell, Penny Wilson, Clarise Pellegrino, Carol Kasden, Shirley Alesczyk, and Judy O’Donnell.

On November 11, 2019, fourteen members of the Needlecraft group met at Penny Wilson’s home for a monthly meeting. There is always great conversation while hands are working on current handmade creations. Believe it or not, during the two hours together there is visible progress made on projects - multi-taskers for sure. We certainly thank Penny for hosting the meeting and providing us coffee with tempting morning nibbles. 


Left: Carole Reiss, Needlecraft Chair, works on her rug using a hooking technique.

Above: Mary Kay Urell, Judy O’Donnell, Bev Hunt, Alanna Stark, Carole Reiss and Barbara Bawab.

February 11, 2019 - Three shared interests were very apparent at the Needlecraft meeting held at Linda Wall’s home. One: Women love to shop,  especially when items are free; Two: they love to talk about needlecraft work; and lastly they relax and enjoy working on a needlecraft piece. As it turns out, two members brought several untouched needlecraft projects to tempt others into taking them home. Suddenly we had a rummage sale going on that eventually settled into a shortened time to work on current projects. Amongst it all, tips where shared, lots of joking and bursts of laughter. If you think needlework is a quiet activity, this meeting certainly disproved that thought. Come join us for our non-quiet zone 




Barbara Bawab’s Needlecraft group met on the 18th for it’s December meeting. While working on individual projects, ladies shared stories and their holiday plans, while also reminiscing about family memories and traditions. It was a pleasure to welcome UPWC President Lynn Wentworth and Carol Kasden, as well as seeing Linda Wall who recently returned home in time for Christmas. Lunch followed the meeting with extra time to share anecdotes and the types of completed needlework members have created over the years. Happy holiday greetings are extended to all UPWC members with best wishes for the New Year!

Top row: Perry Beverley, Clarise Pellegrino (Meeting Hostess) and Jean Kons Middle Row: Mary Kay Urell, Shirley Alesczyk, Marlene Bentley and Linda Wall Front Row: Barbara Bawab (Needlecraft Chair), Judy O’Donnell, Penny Wilson, and Bev Hunt

October 22, 2018 - NO TRICKS, BUT LOT’S OF TREATS

Needlecraft members met at Carole Reiss’ home and were delighted to see an assortment of crafted Halloween accessories including a 10 foot Trick or Treat Tree. Once everyone settled in for the meeting, Shirley Alesczyk and Carole were pleased to show their completed needle work, and everyone shared their progress on current projects. No “Tricks” surfaced, no “Skeletons in the Closet” revealed, but we were all “Treated” to a great morning of hospitality, snacks, and fun!

Back row: Marlene Bentley, Clarise Pellegrino, Penny Wilson, Bev Hunt, Barbara Bawab, Judy O’Donnell, Linda Wall, Carol Kasden. Front row: Maria Meredith, Shirley Alesczyk.

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