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Fine Arts Group

Schedule for 2019 - 2020

October 4th: Deborah Van Brunt - Critique

Have you run into a dilemma on a current art piece over the summer? Or a recurring challenge in your work? Or, maybe you keep looking at a completed work and just aren't quite happy with it? Input from a new set of eyes, from a group of supportive fellow artists, might help! If you're game, come to our session on October 4. Bring one of your pieces and we will try to help each other with constructive suggestions. We may need to limit the critique to the first ten who sign up to bring a art piece, but everybody is welcome to come and offer her insights. Call her by September 30 if you can attend and if you would like to be critiqued.

November 1st:  Polly Curran - Photography, Design and Composition

A work of art begins with a blank canvas, a sketch pad and in the case of a photographer an image waiting to be defined. A photographer creates a visual composition thru the lens of the camera much like an artist composes at her easel. What makes a piece eye-catching and dynamic, or calm and soothing? Incorporating the Principles of Design: color, balance, alignment, repetition, contrast and space assist in creating a composition pleasing to the eye. In this discussion we will take a look at Design Elements that are the basic units of any visual composition which form its structure and conveys a visual message. Artists and photographers alike make use of these tools. Diagrams and examples will be used to highlight these attributes. This presentation will be held at the home of Karen Mathis.

December 6th:  Nancy Fairchild - Adobe Elements for Artists

Most photographers use Adobe Photoshop to process their digital images. The rest of us artists need something simpler: hence, Adobe Elements was created. There are other simple image processors, too, which do about the same things. We’ll discuss taking digital images of your work, saving them, editing them, and preparing them for either printing or uploading to the Internet. Then we'll see some image editing techniques to help you design your composition or test different colors if you paint from photos. Signup online or call Nancy. 

January 3rd:  Lori Salzman - Encaustic Demonstration

Encaustic painting, sometimes called “hot wax”, is an ancient art form dating as far back as the Greeks in the 5th century BCE. In recent decades it has had a bit of a renaissance. Jasper Johns (Flag -1954), Lynda Benglis (Embryo II - 1967), and Martin Kline (Nest - 2000) are among some of the artists well known for this medium. During this demonstration we will look at some of the creative ways beeswax, resin and pigment blend together with heat to form paintings, collages and sculptures.

February 7th: Barb Kavanaugh - Cuba and Cuban Art 

Cuban culture is diverse, complex, and truly fascinating. Yet for decades visits there had been made near impossible due to severe travel restrictions. But - about 3 years ago -  those restrictions were eased for a short time, and it was then that Baerbel took a one week "people to people" educational tour to the island.  She will talk about her experience and what she learned during this trip. And she will also show the work of some  Cuban artists, which is unique and colorful and often strongly influenced by Santeria, Cuba's religion of African heritage.

March 6th: Jeannine Birbil - Woodcuts

Join us for a discussion of Woodcuts at the home of Jeanine Birbil. We will enjoy a talk and demonstration on the woodcut, the oldest form of printmaking. A relief technique using a variety of knives and tools to cut a design into the surface of a block of wood or linoleum.

April 3rd:  Lynn Wallin - Watercolor Techniques

This class will be for for people who haven’t tried watercolor before, or who have a limited experience in painting with watercolor. We will experiment with several techniques and look at some paintings where we will see the techniques used. Then we will paint an 8 x10 painting or 2 greeting cards using some of the techniques learned. Some knowledge of color and drawing will be helpful. There will be a $5.00 fee to cover the cost of paper and Lynn will supply the paint and brushes.

Cuba and Cuban Art by Barb Kavanaugh - February 7th, 2020


Encaustic Demonstration by Lori Salzman - January 3rd, 2020

The Fine Arts Group was privileged to attend Susan Wu's workshop on Chinese Brush Painting on Friday, April 5th, 2019. We were able to learn about the materials and methods of this wonderful art form as well as see the many gorgeous works done by Susan displayed in her home. After a demonstration of bamboo shoots and Chinese lettering we all got a chance to try our hand in using the Chinese brush and quickly learned it wasn't as easy as Susan made it look! Left: Barbara Hyde watching demonstration by Susan Wu, Above: Susan and Jeannine Birbil holding up examples of Chinese Brush Painting

March 1st - Women in Art 

Presentation by Jeannine Birble

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