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All Things Victorian

    Schedule for 2019 - 2020

November 8th - Rebecca Freedman will discuss Victorian Murderesses

December 6th or 13th - Maria Meredith will discuss Victorian Christmas

January 10th - Liz Hisey will discuss Victorian Health/Medicine/Safety/Hygiene

February 14th - Bert Sheffer will discuss Victorian servant life

March 13th - Alba Foreman will discuss Victorian marriages and homes

April 10th - Carol Osten will discuss the birth of photography, filming, etc.

May 8th -

June 12th - Carol Shabe will discuss Victorian architecture

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Updated on: 23 Apr 2019

On April 5th, 2019, the All Things Victorian group met at the home of Liz Hisey to discuss Victorian Funerals and Etiquette. Liz prepared a funeral tea with scrumptuous funeral pies, cakes and biscuits that she baked herself from authentic Victorian recipes. Her presentation table had actual samples of funeral announcements, sympathy cards, photos, etc. After the tea, Rebecca Freedman covered the topic of the postponed March meeting: The Role of Women in Victorian times. It was delightful that so many came dressed in “Widow's Weeds & Weeping Veils” as in Liz’s source book. 

Maria Meredith, Carol Shabe, Liz Hisey, Rebecca Freedman

Alba Foreman, Judith O’Donnell, Rebecca Freedman, Carol Shabe, Liz Hisey, Maria Meredith, Linda Donnelly

Afternoon Tea at the home of Alba Foreman - Friday, December 14th, 2018


Linda Donnelly, ​Alba Foreman (chairperson), Liz Hisey, Rebecca ​Freedman, Bert Scheffer, Maria Meredith and Carol ​Shabe

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