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A.  What is JFGE? A unique school that works with at-risk elementary girls in grades K-5.  Some of the risk factors their students face include poverty, single and divorced parents, underachievement in math and science in larger traditional school settings or below grade level at their current school.  The school’s mission is to enable all their girls to rise above their circumstances and help them grow up feeling safe, capable and smart with respect for themselves and others. 

B.  What is JFGE’s Role?
The school provides the educational and emotional foundation to help the girls reach their full potential.  The challenge is girls can be 1 to 3 grade levels behind.  Realistically, educators are looking for a student to minimally improve their 1st year provided attendance is good and they aren’t transient.  It can take 3-5 years to close an achievement gap and “catch up.”  Despite this discouraging but pragmatic forecast, the school’s educators are strong advocates for their girls and they strive to create a foundation that will help them achieve successful lifestyles.
Motto:  “Be The One”

C.  What is UPWC’s Role?
UPWC tries to incorporate an educational aspect in all its JFGE approved initiatives, whether it’s reading Halloween books to the children after which they demonstrate their writing and comprehension skills or the Annual Holiday Shop in December where girls are taught the “Gift of Giving.”  Our year-round efforts to provide books to take home and the specialized tutoring by our own member volunteers all helps to close that achievement “gap.” ‚Äč
Motto:  “You Can’t Be What you Can’t See”

Next Steps
JFGE Principal Cheryl Korwin is extremely appreciative of our partnership and support; and like her, we are energized and look forward to a rewarding year with the girls.  Continue to check our website under “Outreach” for pictures of the Club’s sponsored events and the new Q&A tab.

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