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January, 2020

It’s Incredible and very hard to believe that it is almost 2020 and the start of a new decade. I hate to show my age but 20 years ago I was worrying and working on Y2K issues, the younger generation has absolutely no idea what this is about. With each year I feel more like a relic, but that too can be good. Relic’s are considered valuable and cherished and isn’t that what we all want for ourselves? The New Year is the time that we think about resolutions, most of which we forget or struggle to implement, and we also think about the past year.  I feel so very lucky to have been part of UPWC and President for the past year; I have a wonderful and supportive Board, made many friends, and had a lot of fun.  For that I am grateful and THANK YOU!

I am excited about the things that the club has planned for 2020. We shall hold our Fashion show in February, and luncheons in April and June and I hope that you will attend. We are going to the ever-popular Michael’s on East, the Sarasota Yacht Club, and the Bird Key Yacht Club; each a wonderful place to socialize with your girlfriends.  As I mentioned at the last luncheon, we shall be moving to an totally online payment process next year which means that you will have to pay for the luncheons online and make the payment for that function when you make the reservation or you will not be able to make the reservation. This eliminates a lot of paperwork for the Treasurer and the organizers of these functions. IF you have any problems or issues with making an online payment you should contact Ginny deBuys or you can always give me a call, we can help you!  Please check the club web site often as new events open up regularly and also fill up quickly.  We have fantastic social events planned for the winter and spring such as a repeat of the always successful party at a Polo event.  And, don’t forget to check out the Special Interest Group activities and sign up for as many as you can fit into your schedule.

We continue to look for feedback on what activities you would like the club to organize, where you would like the luncheons to be held and/or what have been your favorite luncheons, as well as whom or what topics you would like for speakers. We continue to be fiscally prudent and try to keep our events reasonably priced, and when feasible, free which is always the best. We want the club to be affordable and fun for everyone.  Starting in late January, Vicki DiPaolo and a Nominating Committee will begin the search for people to become members of the next UPWC Board, so when she calls please consider taking on a role and don’t be shy about recommending another member if you think she might be great for a Board, Chair, or “Co” position.  In January there will be a new member coffee for our newest members who have not already attended one of these events, this is a where we hope to get our new members involved and active in club activities.  I would like to encourage everyone to help their UPWC neighborhood liaisons by informing your new neighborhood residents about the club when you meet them, help them become a part of our community by bringing them to a luncheon or open event, and encourage them to join our club.  We continue to grow and have 372 members!

Earlier in December we held our wonderful Diamond and Crystal Ball, everything was beautiful and weather cooperated allowing us to be outdoors for cocktails- very glamorous.  So many thanks to Jayne Kotey and Carol Osten; we had wonderful food and great music thanks to Chairs Ronnie Sachs and Jan Doench; thank you ladies and to all of the ladies and men who assisted! We raised a significant amount of money for Just For Girls and shall announce the amount shortly.

I hope that everyone has a very wonderful & peaceful holiday and if you are travelling, safe travels!


Beth Bertsch

President 2018-2020

Congratulation to the outstanding UPWC team who organized The Secret Garden Ball! From The Observer this week:

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