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UPWC Photo Album

31 photo(s) Updated on: 26 Apr 2019
  • Finger lickin' BBQ ribs, BBQ chicken, savory pork and beans, and refreshing lime basil marinated shrimp
  • Fresh green salads, family favorite potato salad, delish deviled eggs, and three flavor option corn muffins
  • Linda Donnelly, Connie Bennett, Kathy Bondur, Marjorie Sayer, and Liz Hisey
  • Lynn Meredith, John Huebner, Hal Neff, and Robert Factor
  • Marilyn and John Huebner, and Steven Sayer
  • Rick and Rebecca Freedman, Robert Butz, Joanne Butz, Kay Bair and Linda Donnelly
  • Joanne Butz, Kay Bair and Linda Donnelly
  • TWO Bobs...... Bob Bair and Bob Hisey
  • Paul Donnelly and Sheila Reilly
  • Steven Sayer and Rick Freedman
  • Sandy and Michael Levitan, Bill and Vicki DiPaolo, and Randy Bennett
  • Robert Butz, Connie and Randy Bennett
  • Hosts, the Merediths
  • A Selby guide offered members sugar that came from a palm tree.
  • Myrna Block, writing down book suggestions for next year's Book Club
  • Movie Club March 2019 discussing Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo"
  • Joy of Eating: Alba Foreman preparing Asopao de Pollo
  • Liz Hisey leading a discussion on Victorian Funeral etiquette for All Things Victorian
  • Play Reading Group performing Maids of Honor, April 2019
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