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Movie Club

The Movie Club met on December 17th at the home of Alba Foreman to discuss the award winning 2012 film “Silver Linings Playbook”. Despite the film’s serious subject matter which fostered an insightful discussion, it culminates in a miraculous ballroom dance routine that brings Christmas joy and hope to the fictional family and the viewers. Alba’s homemade “coquito” (traditional rum-based Christmas drink in Puerto Rico) was again present and enjoyed. 

Back row left to right: Carol Osten, Maryann (guest), Jayne Kotey, Kamala Prahl, Alba Foreman, Jeanine Birbil
Front row left to right: Susan Carroll, Kathy Baran, Deborah Gatlin, Kitty Gross, Eileen Berke

Coquito has pride of place and the red saw by the cake is an actual cake cutter and
Alba’s way of surprising guests with something confusing and whimsical

The Movie Club met on March 19th, 2019 to continue this year’s focus on the films of Alfred Hitchcock. His very complex “Vertigo" provided a lively and entertaining discussion about obsession and control. 

Back row left to right: Kitty Gross, Carol Osten, Alanna Stark, Kamala Prahl, Jayne Kotey, Jeannine Birbil
Front row left to right: Rebecca Freedman, Joan Magiet, hostess Myna Block, Carrie Hayden

Holiday Coquito was served by Alba Foreman at the meeting of the Movie Club on December 18th, 2018 - a great way to get into the holiday spirit! The group discussed the hilarious Christmas film REF and then viewed a 30 minute 1950's crime drama episode from Alfred Hitchcock Presents titled Back for Christmas

Back, left to right: Robin Tonna, Jeannine Birbil, Stacey Gillman, Jayne Kotey, Kitty Gross, Kamala Prahl, Carol Osten Front, left to right: Alba Foreman, Rebecca Freedman, Joan Magiet

The Movie Club met on December 19th at the home of Alba Foreman to discuss the British Christmas movie How About YouThe movie discussion was very engaging especially with the delicious "Coquito" and calorie free cookies. We had a special guest at the meeting, Mark Foreman, a movie expert and a big supporter of his charming wife, Alba. Mark presented a summary of the different features that are quite common in all Christmas movies. He offered an example of a Christmas movie storyline, how each one of us can make a Christmas movie if we try . . .

Front row left to right: Jeannine Birbil, Eileen Berke, Rebecca Freedman, Evelyn Baran, Marilyn Huebner Back row left to right: Kitty Gross, Carol Osten, Alba Foreman, Jayne Kotey, Stacey Gillman, Kamala Prahl

The Movie Club celebrated their 1st year anniversary on January 17th, 2017 at the home of Stacey Gillman.  The discussion of the movie, Harold and Maude, was excellent, the chocolate anniversary cake was delicious and the little dog was a charming addition to our passionate discussion of a woman's power to bring the joy of life to a lonely heart.

The ladies discussed Joyeux Noel at the home of Alba Foreman - December 20th, 2016

Front Row left to right: Elyse Kuhn, Rebecca Waterman, Joan Magiet, Eileen Berke, Myrna Block Back row left to right: Stacey Gillman, Kamala Prahl, Carol Osten, Jayne Kotey, Karen Mathis, Alba Foreman, Evelyn Baron, Danielle McCann

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